You may not have heard of us before but chances are you’ve seen our work. We subtitle programmes for international broadcasters such as the BBC, Netflix, Chello, local channels such as AT5 and individual broadcasts for Dutch national public broadcasters. We also subtitle all the museum and online video content for museums such as Boijmans Van Beuningen, the Van Gogh Museum and organisations such as UMC Rotterdam, KLM and DuPont.

Of course, we also subtitle video content for numerous major and small production companies and distributors as well as corporate videos for countless businesses. In addition to this, every year we subtitle documentaries for film festivals such as IDFA, Montreux and Cannes to name just a few.

Why choose Einion Media?

All our translators have extensive subtitling experience and are well up to speed on the challenges and solutions in our line of work.

They are experts in finding exactly the right linguistic register and idiom. They always ensure that subtitles are timed in perfect sync with every single frame of the video. Even without a (trans)script, we deliver an excellent product and that’s why we’re unique in that we won’t charge extra if a (trans)script isn’t available.

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