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Subtitles are generally billed on the basis of a set price per subtitle. However, rates vary depending on language combinations. For a precise quote, we advise you to complete the online form. On business days, you’ll receive a tailor-made quote within two hours. We can say with confidence that we offer the highest quality at the sharpest rates in the translation industry.

Text translations

For texts of a general nature, the going rate is 15 Euro cents per word from and to most languages. The fee for Scandinavian languages ranges from 17 to 20 Euro cents per word and for less common languages the rate depends on the specific language combination.

Rendering subtitles

We can provide you with a transparent QuickTime starting at 25 Euros for productions of up to 10 minutes. This applies to both HD and SD productions. For each additional minute we charge 1 Euro. This means that a 30-minute QuickTime costs just 45 Euros. A starting rate of 65 Euros applies for rendering a finished end product for productions lasting up to 10 minutes and 2 Euros for every additional minute. So, a 30-minute DVD or MPEG2 can be rendered for a mere 105 Euros.


Customized rates also apply to voice-overs. The going rate depends on the choice of voice actor, the length of the production, the complexity and so on. Nevertheless, we guarantee the sharpest rates for professional voice-overs.

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