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Einion Media provides professional subtitling courses ranging from one-on-one courses to courses for groups of up to six people, on location in Arnhem. These courses are the only way to acquire the necessary skills in this line of work. None of the other major subtitling companies are currently training people in-house.

Experience has shown that you can’t learn to subtitle from a textbook or from a remote location. Besides excellent language and translation skills, it takes personal coaching to master the technical aspects of subtitling and to learn to recognize translation pitfalls. Receiving personal feedback enables you to learn to be critical of your own work and to hone your skills.

This training will enable you to work for any translation company. Michael Grebe is the course trainer. For years, Michael taught this course at the Mediapark in Hilversum where all the major Dutch national broadcasters are located. This, combined with several years of experience as a teacher in Higher Professional Education and over 20 years of subtitling experience, guarantees a reliable and professional course that thoroughly prepares you for the daily practice of subtitling work. Many past graduates of the course have successfully gone on to work as subtitlers, for Einion and for others. If you complete the course successfully, chances are that Einion will offer you work suitable for entry-level subtitlers!

The fee for the group course is 795 Euros excluding VAT. This intensive training course provides a small group with five evening sessions of two and a half hours each. It sets you up with all the skills you need to get started as a professional subtitler. Between sessions you’re assigned homework to put the theory into practice and to consolidate what you learned in the lessons. There is more than enough time for 1:1 coaching to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. The group course is taught at our offices in Arnhem. An alternative location for the individual course is possible. The fee for the individual course is 1250 Euros excluding VAT.

After completing one of our courses you are entitled to a 20% discount on Spot, the industry-standard subtitling software used by most subtitlers, and the software used in the course. To sign up for the course, just drop us a line. Don’t forget to mention any relevant (work) experience. Course dates depend on the number of participants registering. Interested? Get in touch with us. We’re more than happy to tell you all about it!

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